monks crest wow facts

The culture of monks is one that started nearly 12,000 years ago long before the war of the ancients in the continent of Pandaria. This continent was ruled by the Mogu, a monstrous race of warlords who had the monks(pandarians) as slaves. The monks are actually a hybrid class in WOW now.  They are the ones that can preform in all three group roles. This means that you have healing monks, brewmaster monks that tank and monks that damage with melee abilities.

The art of no weapon

Monks, for instance, are deeply trained in martial arts and defence. They consider their bodies as powerful entities and also channel energy from the surrounding elements of the environment such as air, water and earth. Chi energy is interpreted as the life force that every being has and monks have theirs enhanced through thorough training. It’s only to Goblins, Worgen and Lightforged draenei that monks are not available.

Values and characters of a monk

By having that detachment from the influence of the world and segregating themselves, they are able to reach unprecedented limits. Monks view themselves as servants of nature and Expel Harm and do a Chi Wave that heals their allies while damaging the enemy at the same time. Skills that they mastered during their time in captivity under the Mogu.

Lessons to learn from monks

The life journey of the monks has been a hard one, with a long time of being slaves to their masters. As slaves they didn’t have access to weapons so they had to learn how to harness their chi and fight without weapons. Monks may be perceive as being from a parallel universe, but we can learn a lot from monks. Some monks specialize in restoring the power of the mist and balancing good and bad energy. This is why they can return people to good health and fortune.