All About WoW Shadowlands Expansion

world of warcraft shadowlands

Following Battle for Azeroth, WoW: Shadowlands is the eighth expansion of the series that features six new zones, new covenants with four distinct groups; the Venthyr, Necrolords, Kyrian and Kyrian. Shadowlands manages to incorporate new and distinct characters, areas and plots seamlessly with a plethora of new game updates. Players also get to experience 5 new and exciting zones within the expansion.

Exciting New Zones and Maps

There are five new zones in the Shadowlands WoW MMORPG. In what is considered one of the biggest WoW expansions, souls are assigned zones in their afterlife. Bastion is home to those that have lived a life of service, Ardenweald gives a vibrant afterlife for those connected to the wild, Maldraxxus is the war-torn zone that favours the mightiest, Revendreth is home to the venthyr, harvesters of sin, and The Maw is home to the vilest souls, doomed for eternity.

Thrilling New Features

On top of the new zones and aforementioned covenants, players have new features to explore in the WoW MMORPG. There are new encounters such as Torghast, Tower of The Damned, which is located in The Maw. Players are tasked with rescuing Azeroth’s greatest that are trapped there. However, if an ancient evil escapes from here, all of reality will be doomed!

Final Thoughts on Shadowlands

There is an entire world to explore in the Shadowlands expansion, with revamped and exciting new features. The levelling experience has been revamped, giving players smooth gameplay. The experience curve now is also faster, so that you can get the chance to jump into the Shadowlands sooner if you are just starting. Players also have more options when it comes to customisation, and now you can become the hero you are meant to be.